corn fritters (v, nf, rsf)

granola (v option, rsf)

mustardy mushrooms on toast (v, nf, rsf)

pear and cinnamon oatmeal (v, nf option, rsf)

banana berry smoothie bowl  (v, gf option, r, rsf)

overnight oats peanut butter smoothie bowl (v, r, ref) 

overnight oat waffles (v, nf, rsf)

toast topping inspiration (v option, rsf)

zucchini waffles (veg, nf, rsf)

Overnight oatmeal waffles


2 ingredient Greek yoghurt pizza base pizza (veg, nf, gf option)

chinese style slow cooked beef cheeks (c, rsf)

grain free flax bread rolls (veg, gf, nf, ref)

kimchi bowl (v, nf, rsf)

pearl barley and rosemary roast pumpkin orzotto (risotto) (nf, v, rsf)

tomato and thyme soup (v, nf, c, gf, rsf)

curried pumpkin waffles (veg, nf, rfs)

Kimchi Bowl

something sweet 

almond, lemon, rosemary and fig oat bars (v, gf, r, rsf)

apple crumble cake (veg, nf, c)

banana and peanut butter muffins (v, rsf)

carrot cake with cream cheese icing  (veg, c)

fudgy chocolate zucchini brownies (v, nf, gf, rsf) 

raw bounty (v, gf, r, rsf)

raw caramel slice (v, gf, r, rsf)

raw chocolate slice (v, gf, r, rsf)

neenish tarts (veg, nf, c)

paleo donuts (veg, gf, rsf)  

paleo tart crust (veg, gf, rsf)

peanut butter and banana tarts (v, gf, r, rsf)

peanut butter chocolate cake (v)

salted caramel fudge (v, gf, r, rsf)

ultimate chocolate fudge brownies (veg)


savoury snacks

mini herb and cheese donuts (veg, gf, rfs) 


(c) – classic

(gf) – gluten free 

(nf) – nut free 

(rsf) – refined sugar free 

(v) – vegan

(veg) – vegetarian 


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