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left overs: bubble and squeak

December 26
Bubble and squeak

Christmas lunch is probably the one meal of the year that I try to completely vacate the kitchen for. Between my Mum and my Aunty’s powerhouse team, I definitely know my place. And trust me, for this particular meal, it’s nowhere near the sharp objects and heat. 

However, I have taken it upon myself to take up the challenge every year to make sure that none of the ridiculous amount of left-overs go to waste. Because how could I resist a food challenge? 


Even though there are so few of us at Christmas lunch, every year my Dad loves to buy the biggest turkey that he can find. As a result, we all get to enjoy turkey creations for days afterwards. 

Bubble and squeak is a traditional English dish that uses left over vegetables. As you can imagine, there are countless variations of the meal. 

Bubble and Squeak

For my very non-traditional version, I used left over boiled potatoes that I diced up, corn, cut up turkey and a mixture of herbs including thyme, rosemary, oregano, a dash of curry powder and a small knob of butter. Essentially, I just melted the butter in the pan and added all of the ingredients in together, stirring occasionally for a few minutes. Easy. 


I’m now thinking that week off and a fridge full of food that I rarely get to cook with could be a dangerous combination. 

Let the creative turkey juices flow. 

xx Liz 

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