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14 March, 2015

Ikea is such a wonderful, dangerous place. I always go looking for things I need and come out with things I never even knew I wanted. Ah, the beauty of Ikea. It’s probably a very good thing that I don’t live near the store, as I always end up coming home with a head full of ideas, a boot full of flat packs, a bag full of chocolate and a bank account not so full of money. That’s not to say that I don’t go at every opportunity I get. When my sister was living in Brisbane, it was not unheard of for us to randomly drive the hour (without traffic) it takes to get to Logan on a Saturday morning, just because. It was only recently that I noticed that my bedroom has become a testament to my love and fascination with Ikea; my desk, bedside table and base for my recently purchased (incredibly amazing, ridiculously comfortable) queen size bed. My bedside table is actually a small wooden step ladder and is probably my favourite Ikea inspired and purchase ever.


Trips to Ikea are like the gift that just keep giving. Not only do I get to poke around all of the showroom displays and random bits and pieces, I must say that I love a good flat pack project.

So when my friend told me that she had never been to Ikea, I jumped at the opportunity to share the Swedish joy with her (besides, I needed to get a second step ladder to go on the other side of my new bed). I can’t say I was very self-controlled at Ikea today. In fact, I wasn’t self controlled at all. Apart from a lot of amazing purchases (including the step ladder, chopping board, sewing kit, pens, a makeup organiser, large zip lock bags, a home design book, chocolate and a birch timber table top for my trestle desk that was in the reduced section and marked down from $80 to $20 – goodbye uni budget laminate one), I now have an incredible urge to renovate my bathroom. 

Time to work on the flat pack for my new bedside table while eating one of my (four) ikea chocolate bars. 

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