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22 October, 2015

Hong Kong is continuing to be full of surprises. Trust me on this; this “stop over” city is a stop in itself. 

I don’t know if there are many places in the world where you can catch cable cars up over incredible mountains and hiking tracks to a giant Buddha and serene temples, 1 hour later find yourself in the most luxurious shopping centres (including a book store called Page One which truly blew my mind) before heading out to the largest German Bierfest in Hong Kong hosted by the Marco Polo. Ridiculous. 

thumb_IMG_0113_1024Giant Buddha Hong Kong thumb_IMG_0158_1024



The smooth train, ferry and bus journeys throughout the day once again highlighted the inadequacy of public transport back home. Arduous waits and heavy vandalism are noticeably absent in Hong Kong, which, like the Tube in London, hosts a network of lines which make getting around this remarkable city effortless. We even passed the Disney Land station. Probably very wisely, I was held back from jumping on the connecting train to Disney Land with its Mickey Mouse ear shaped windows and promise of fun. Reason number 397 why I need to come back. 

Hong Kong Train


Disney Land Train


As for the German Bierfest. Well, combine lederhosen clad Hong Kong locals, ridiculous portions of German pretzels and food, an authentic German band playing traditional German party music and a LOT of beer, and you have yourself an experience and a half. Watching it all unfold is all the more entertaining when you don’t even drink yourself. 



German Bierfest

As we were leaving the incredible Hutong Restaurant the other night (another luxurious Hong Kong dining experience), there was a wishing tree, where you are given cards to write a wish on, which are then placed on the tree. I honestly looked at the card and paused. 

What do you even wish for when you live an abundantly blessed life? 

Wish tree

xx TTT 

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  • Reply Judy D 22 October, 2015 at 1:47 pm

    All so beautifully said. You’ve captured the experience so perfectly.

  • Reply Sue tomsett 22 October, 2015 at 1:47 pm

    Hong Kong is a must and so much to experience. Thank you for highlighting the delights of this amazing city. Next time , Disney Land !!! 😃

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