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fabulous five fridays: passion

3 April, 2015

Good Friday is always one of the most significant days of reflection. A day to reflect on passion. The passion that Christ had when he died for us. A passion that we should strive for every day of our lives. It is so easy to get distracted and caught up with the orderly chaos of life that so many people don’t even try to find what they are passionate about. We all want to have an impact and I truly believe it is through passion that we can. For me, passion is paramount and motivates me each day to reach up and out.  

So, in the spirit of fabulous five Fridays and Good Friday reflections, here are five things that I am passionate about, in no particular order. 


1. People – The people that are in our lives and the relationships that we have are the foundation of life. People are incredible. I have found that there is no better way to learn about the world than through asking questions and listening to what people have to say. Whether they be your closest friends, your parents, the lady in front of you in the check out at Cosco or a homeless man in the middle of Salzburg. Hearing about their stories, their adventures, their relationships, their struggles, their triumphs. Meeting people and sharing precious moments with them. Building relationships. Sharing hot cross buns toasted in the oven with our closest family friends (and their divine children) after the Good Friday service is another Good Friday tradition almost as special as the day itself. One half for you, one half for me. Although this is not the reason we do this, apparently sharing a hot cross bun is supposed to ensure friendship throughout the year. It seems to have worked for us thus far. 

2. Faith – Believing in something that we cannot see or prove. Having faith is equally challenging and rewarding. As Gregory Peck said, “Faith gives you an inner strength and a sense of balance and perspective in life.” Faith allows us to never give up hope, even when things seem hopeless. Faith allows us to close our eyes and jump into the unknown.  

3. Creating – There are endless possibilities when it comes to creating. Cooking, cutting, painting, assembling, threading, decorating, writing, organizing, photographing… I am passionate about creating in any way that I can. Whether this be an event, a meal, a piece of jewelry, a blog or even a change.  

4. Exploration – There is so much of the world to see; markets, rivers, countries, cities, stores, monuments, tombs, sacred spaces, mountains. I sometimes get overwhelmed by how much I want to explore. Every patisserie in Paris, every market in Hanoi, every pyramid in Egypt… Although I might not be able to explore everything, what’s there to stop me from trying? 

5. Health – I recently read the incredible book 12 Pillars by Chris Widener and Jim Rohn. As the name suggests, the book explores the 12 pillars of success. One of the pillars addresses the idea of three way health. Caring for our bodies, our souls (intellect, will and emotions) and our spirits. Each part is just as important as the other and need to be cared for independently. However, we often are so focused on one that we neglect the others. Life is such a gift, and without loving and caring for the three dimensions in the way that we would love and care for a small child we will never allow ourselves to shine.


I am truly blessed to be having a passionate love affair with life. 

xx  Liz




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