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fabulous five fridays: bridesmaids

17 April, 2015
Tom and Justine's Wedding

What girl doesn’t talk about getting married with her friends at school? What kind of flowers? Church or outdoor wedding? Who is the groom going to be (not the most important detail at 15)? What kind of dress? Who would you have as your bridesmaids?

Tomorrow that all becomes a reality as one of my beautiful school friends is the first one of us to walk down the aisle. Not only do I get to watch her marry a man that she loves so deeply and who loves and cares for her with the same ardency, I have the incredible honour to stand beside her as a bridesmaid. 

Don’t get me wrong; we have had our usual share of bridesmaid related drama with dresses arriving in wrong sizes and colour etc. But here are five fabulous things about being a bridesmaid. 

1 .You get to put a lot of effort into what you are wearing and how you look. It’s totally acceptable to over think and double guess. In fact, it’s all part of the fun. Plus, we had mani-pedis today. Because we needed them. 

2. Craft projects! I love DIY and weddings are full of them. 

3. You have a legitimate reason to spend far too much time on Pinterest, pinning ideas onto shared boards with the bride. 

4. You spend more time with your friend. They become a priority. And you meet new friends in the meantime as you are introduced to their different friendship circles. 

5. You can truly be as friend of action. You not only stand beside them on the day, but you are able to support them every step of the way of one of the most exciting and utterly overwhelming times of their lives. You can show them how much your love them and you can be there for them completely. 

With the set up for the wedding, it’s been a huge day, but I cannot wait to watch her walk down the aisle. As someone who generally displays her emotions through her tear ducts, I am not sure how I will handle tomorrow. 

Thank God for waterproof mascara. 

xx TTT Tom and Justine's WeddingTom and Justine's Wedding Tom and Justine's WeddingTom and Justine's WeddingTom and Justine's WeddingTom and Justine's Wedding

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