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11 April, 2015

I finally did it. After years of considering it, talking about it and getting to the brink several times, I bought a MacBook Air. Whilst I have always liked working on a desktop, when it gets to the stage that you can’t really do your work when you are anywhere else but home and are consequently having far too many late nights (whilst still rising at the crack of dawn), you realise that you may need to rethink things a little. A combination of sleep deprivation, a 10% off sale and the ability to get an education discount through my sister (thanks for becoming a teacher) meant that the ultimate decision happened rapidly. 

As I write this post watching the waves roll onto the shore, with the sun setting over the Gold Coast hinterlands behind me and a cool ocean breeze on my skin, I can be certain that I have made a good decision.

I am absolutely loving my new computer. I It’s light, incredibly portable, easy to use and all around incredible. The best bit is that with upcoming travel plans coming together very quickly (exciting details to come), I can now share my tales from anywhere in the world! 

Sometimes it’s good to have your head in the Cloud. 

xx TTT 

IMG_5424macbook air

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