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27 May, 2015

A few months ago I noticed a sign for the Mater International Women’s Day Fun Run to raise money for breast cancer. Having wanted to volunteer somewhere for a while, I decided to see if they needed help. It turns out they did, so on International Women’s Day I left home at 4.30am to get to Southbank in time to help participants register and collect their packs. It was such a great atmosphere and experience. Since then, I have received emails every so often about other events that the Mater needs volunteers for. 

Bust a move is a 6 hour fitness extravaganza to raise money for breast cancer. Each participant raises $1000 and takes part in six amazing fitness sessions including Zumba, Yoga and a boot camp style class with celebrity trainer Shannon Ponton. 

In order to support this incredible event, I roped a friend into helping me on the day – registering participants, looking after belongings and being the cheer squad. A few weeks ago we attended the training session where we were strongly encouraged to dress up on the day in pink and tutus. 

Having pinned a no-sew tutu onto my “Rainy day project” Pinterest board a while ago, I jumped at the chance to bring this craft project to life! And if I don’t say so myself, they look turned out incredibly. 

I am now trying to convince my friend to theme her daughter’s second birthday party as a tutu birthday party so I can wear my tutu again (and can make her daughter a tutu too – any excuse for a craft project). 


What you need: 

1.5 meters of tule in 4 (or more) colours 

4 meters of ribbon (whatever thickness you would like) 


Note: This will be enough for 2 skirts 


Step 1. Measure your waist. Tie a know 30cm from one end, measure from the knot along your waist measurement and tie a second knot. Cut the ribbon on an angle 30cm from the second knot. 

TutuStep 2. Cut the tule into 5cm x 75cm strips 


Step 3. Fold a strip of tule in half to form a loop, place the loop over the ribbon, put the ends through the look and pull firmly. Continue adding tule strips until the ribbon is covered between the knots. 


Step 5. Place the skirt around your waist and time the ends of the ribbon into a bow. Trim the ends. Be fabulous. 



I actually just want to swirl around like a little girl pretending to be a ballerina now. 

Maturity is fun. 

xx TTT


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