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14 October, 2015

Transitions between places are always the most difficult part of travelling. Regardless of whether you are going on an 18 hour flight, or moving to another hotel 15 minutes down the road, the packing, organising and actual moving of yourself and all of your things from one place to another is, quite frankly, a pain. 

Today we packed up from the hotel that we were staying at with a large group of friends to move to a quaint homestay 15 minutes across town. In all honesty, apart from the customary temporary feeling of displacement upon arrival, the whole experience was pretty good. 

In saying that, I think I have been in denial about how much I have bought since I have been over here. All of a sudden it seems my handbag and suitcase (I didn’t bring carry on) were not nearly big enough for everything. I am now travelling with a handful of shopping bags, a carry on, my handbag, a satchel and my suitcase. This may be a problem. 

My top tips for transitions:

  1. Know exactly how you are getting from one place to the other. If it is by train, know which station you are going to and where to buy your tickets (I got caught out in Paris on that one). 
  2. Know exactly how to get to your accommodation (again, I got caught out by this one in Paris and, come to think of it, in Austria). The app “City Maps to Go” is incredible. Pre-download your map of whatever city you will be in, and it works as a GPS tracker of your location without needing WiFi. 
  3. Contact your next accommodation to make sure that you are both aware of your arrival time. 
  4. Avoid having multiple bags. Especially if travelling by yourself, try to minimise the amount of stuff you are having to worry about. 
  5. Have all of your documents, tickets and money readily accessible. Pack them in last. 

The homestay that we are staying at has the most incredible Bonsai garden, a pool, an adorable 17 month old baby and a little Chihuahua. Breakfast is also served to order (guess who is having pho tomorrow). 

Home stays are so wonderful for getting a true feel of how the locals live, which I cannot wait to truly embrace. Dinner was even brought to us tonight by a wonderful local tailor whose husband was doing acupuncture on my uncle. She measured up my mum and her friend for a few items of clothing this afternoon and then went home to cook for us. 

I feel as though I have transitioned to the other side of Hoi An. 

xx TTT

Bonsai Garden Bonsai Garden Bonsai Garden Bonsai Garden

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