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31 March, 2015

Life is full of defining moments. The completion of a degree, starting a new relationship, beginning on a new career path, moving out, travelling overseas for the first time, buying a Cosco membership… 

I probably love Cosco more than I really should. There is just something about the whole place that appeals to me. I love the psychology behind their marketing and business model, the friendliness of their staff and the cheap products. Admittedly, all of their products are not necessarily better value than if you were to buy them at Aldi, Woolworths or Coles, especially if they are on special, however there are some amazing products that you can get, like my 2kg tubs of natural Greek yoghurt for $5.39 that are incredible value.  If you avoid the copious amounts of junk food available, Cosco actually makes healthy living incredibly affordable too… 1kg of chia seeds for less than $15, big jars of coconut oil for around $13, 1kg quinoa for around $9, huge blocks of haloumi for less than $15, 2kg of mussels for $9.99, huge pumpkins for $3.99… and it goes on. The also have the most amazing range of cheeses that we love for entertaining (the goats cheeses and triple cream brie are incredible). 

As well as the fresh produce, meats, dairy, frozen and other food items, Cosco stock books, nappies, toilet paper, prescription glasses, electronics, stationary, tires, jewelry, clothes, appliances (including Vitamixes), furniture and so much more. The Cosco petrol station is also significantly cheaper, which makes dealing with the ridiculous rising cost of petrol that much easier to deal with.    

If I haven’t already convinced you of the amazingness of Cosco, this great article published in Brisbane lifestyle magazine bmag goes through 10 amazing things about Cosco that I now tell everybody that I take there who don’t have their own membership (don’t judge me, but I have a speech). Since reading that article not long after Cosco opened, two things stuck with me. Firstly, Cosco doesn’t advertise, but rather is promoted through word of mouth about its prices and novelty products (like the half a million dollar diamond engagement ring near the entrance – seriously).

Cosco engagement ring

Secondly, even though it surprises people due to the overwhelming size of the place, Cosco only stocks around 4,000 products, whereas your average Woolworths stocks around 40,000. The theory is that choice is the enemy of the impulse buy, which I talked about in my post about decision fatigue. And it works… Trust me. 


Ok, so I’m starting to think that I might have a slight Cosco obsession. 

The most worrying bit? That doesn’t bother me at all. 

xx LizCosco Cosco yoghurt

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