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19 October, 2015
Red Snapper

After saying our sad goodbyes to family and the friends we had made in Hoi An (and passing 8 wedding set ups during the morning), we arrived in Ho Chi Minh City excited about our next taste of Vietnam. 

On a side note, weddings are a huge thing in Vietnam. Everybody comes. The food is abundant and the joy is real. Each guest just gives money in an envelope that goes towards the cost of the wedding (hence why they can be happily upwards of 300 people). Going to a Vietnamese wedding is definitely on the list of experiences I want in my life. 

Wedding in Hoi An Wedding in Hoi An Wedding in Hoi An

Back to Ho Chi Minh City. I have been to some pretty impressive, busy places in my life and don’t have a problem with crowds, but until now have never experienced the true glory of a city that is home to around 8 million people. How the traffic system works is beyond me as motorbikes weave through taxis and buses and people cross the road at the first sign of a break (and apparently it was just a quiet Sunday afternoon!). 

Ho Chi Minh City Ho Chi Minh City

After checking into our hotel, we walked around the markets for a bit (picking up some real fake watches and sunglasses) and then had what is the single best food experience I have had in Vietnam so far. Grilled red snapper from the night markets with Morning Glory. Wow. We made a complete mess. But the wondrous chaos of our enjoyment of dinner seemed to suit the city perfectly. 

Ho Chi Minh City

(yes, that is an entire frog on the BBQ… I think we made a good choice with the snapper)

Ho Chi Minh City

Morning Glory Red Snapper

With only two nights in this incredible place, the next 48 hours are sure to be hectic. But I’m full of energy and ready to explore (plus eat my way through my uncle’s itinerary). 

I cannot wait. 

xx TTT 

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    Remind me why we didn’t order the frog.

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