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sunrise walks and sister talks

8 April, 2015

There are not a lot of problems that can’t be solved by watching a sunrise, going for a walk and talking to your sister. Combine the three and you have got a trifecta that pays untold dividends. 

With the sun rising later and the air getting crisper the price may be getting a little higher. But starting the day out in the fresh air with a rush of endorphins is not something I am willing to sacrifice for the sake of a couple of minutes of extra sleep and a warm bed (although ask me again when Winter hits). The added bonus of living near a gorgeous park and lake also makes motivation a lot easier to find.  

For my sister who lives in a constant state of being hot in Emerald, being cold has actually become a bit of a novelty. So much so that whilst I was wearing my jacket and full length leggings, she was out in running shorts and tank top. I can’t help but admire her dedication to avoiding any heat right now.  

Our walks together have become life and relationship therapy sessions over the years. We have laughed, cried, fought, made up, berated, encouraged and have grown stronger as people, sisters and friends.  

It’s good to be out and about solving the problems of the world with her each morning again… 

Odd socks and all. 

xx Liz Morning walkwalks along lakeMorning walk with sister

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