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the rise of the quarter life crisis

16 November, 2017

So, it seems a fair few of my friends are going through a bit of a quarter-life crisis at the moment. 

I know the feeling all too well, having had my quarter life crisis early. At that time, I was still living at home, I quit my job without anything lined up, threw myself far too quickly into a relationship that ended in abrupt heartbreak, decided to join the defence force, changed my mind (thank goodness) and decided to move to Germany, started a blog, decided that going to a country without any job lined up when I could only speak the language at a basic level was a bad idea, had a slight identity crisis (went back to being called Elizabeth instead of Liz), applied for multiple random uni courses, and then eventually jumped into a Master’s degree without a plan as to what I would do with that. 

It was a great time. Emotional rollercoasters are fun. 

Given that feeling (and, to be honest, acting) like a total trainwreck does not sit well with me, I was relieved when things started to come together and I felt like an adult who could actually make decisions and handle the world (most days). 


2 years later, I’ve completed my postgrad degree, I’m doing a meaningful job that challenges me in a good way, I’ve travelled, bought a house (yep, you read that right guys), and I’m navigating through the world of dating with slightly more grace than a baby giraffe (I mean, who really navigates it well?). 

10 signs you might be going through a quarter-life crisis 

  1. You are going back and forth between – “I’m should quit my job and travel the world while I still have limited things tying my down” and “Ooh, I should save money and be a grown up”. 
  2. You’ve ventured into the weird and not-particularly-wonderful world of online dating. Rules don’t apply. In fact, your friends don’t even need to remember your current beau’s name, cause you know, your love life should not be a memory test? 
  3. Birthdays become scary reminders that you are actually considered an adult, in spite of barely having this adulting thing down pact (how would I know if I need hospital AND extras cover on the health insurance plan I know I should have?). 
  4. You’re living at home indefinitely to: (a) save, (b) travel, (c) not have to deal with the responsibilities of moving out (i.e. bills, washing etc.), (d) avoid having to make a 6 month or longer commitment to anyone or anything in case something changes, (e) all of the above. 
  5. Babies seem like a frightening amount of responsibility, even though your friends are starting to have them. 
  6. Putting on a decent grazing platter for your friends is higher priority in your budget than the aforementioned health insurance.  
  7. You read more self-help books/ blogs/ listen to podcasts than you like to admit (because you need to know the “7 ways you know he’s the one” or “The 30 things you need to do before you’re 30”). 
  8. No one asks for your ID anymore. 
  9. You pass on your wisdom to anyone younger than you. Cause they need to learn from your life lessons now you’re old and wise and stuff. 
  10. Having some sort of qualification (albeit completely unrelated to your current profession) makes you feel slightly better about your ability to accomplish something. 

Unfortunately, there is no easy fix for the quarter-life crisis. Just breathe and remind yourself you’ll get through it. And if not, own it. It’s all part of the journey. 

xx Elizabeth 


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