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10 June, 2015

Everybody needs a peaceful place. A place where they can go and just be. For no reason. At any time. For me, that place has become the North Pine dam. 

Growing up it was the place that we would go for picnics. We played French cricket by the water. We would take international tourists there to spot a Koala. I would drive there when studying just to get out of the house and revise my notes. I have seen the dam struggling through drought and releasing water during floods. 

Now, whenever I feel as though I need just a moment of quiet time, I drive out there. Or even if I feel as though I want to postpone coming back to the real world when I feel like there is a million things to do. I never spend very long and I usually don’t even get out of the car. But when I am there, I can just be.

There is something about how removed it is from the world. I always feel a little reenergised and ready to take on the world again after I have been there. Even though it is barely a 30 minute drive on the weekends from the city, you feel a million miles away. It is a truly beautiful place and I recommend you take a drive out there sometime. They even have picnic and BBQ facilities and playgrounds.

You don’t always need to go far to travel. Sometimes you just need to travel to go far. 

xx TTT

North Pine Dam

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