• table tales

    the ultimate chocolate fudge brownies

    I may have slightly overdone it on the chocolate last weekend. And by slightly, I mean I totally overindulged. With so much chocolate around, I caved to peer pressure (which was actually more peer…

    22 April, 2017
  • life tales

    hot cross buns

    Easter is such a wonderful time of the year. The weather is in that sweet spot of being cool, but not too cold, you get to enjoy a much-needed break after the whirlwind of…

    14 April, 2017
  • life tales

    oh what a feeling!

    Exciting news everyone.  I bought a car. A Toyota Yaris, in fact. With a reversing camera, cruise control, and all manner of fancy buttons on a screen that I didn’t expect, but am certainly…

    1 April, 2017
  • life tales

    letting go of things

    I finished unpacking today.  And by unpack, I mean finally do what I should have done months ago and get rid of a significant amount of clothes and other bits and pieces that have…

    26 March, 2017
  • life tales

    time perspectives

    There are few more satisfying pastimes than finishing a good book. As much as I hate to admit it, it’s a pastime that I engage in far too infrequently. Perhaps it is the amount…

    19 March, 2017
  • life tales

    redirecting energy

    There are a lot of benefits to being a goal orientated person. When I set my mind to something I throw my energy into it to give it my best shot, which is more often…

    11 March, 2017
  • life tales

    guess who is turning two

    Well, I can’t believe it. Travelling Table Tales has officially turned two. And what a remarkable two years it has been. When I started this blog, I had absolutely no idea what it would become.…

    5 March, 2017
  • life tales


    Something about being a uni study lends itself to watching Netflix. Episodes tend to be fantastic ways to time a study break, and a monthly subscription is much more affordable than a night out.…

    26 February, 2017