• travel tales

    spontaneous trips to sydney

    Have you ever woke up and felt as though you want to jump on a plane and visit a new place, or some friends who you don’t get to see very often?  Well, I…

    5 February, 2017
  • table tales

    the pav off

    And the results are in. My sister has officially won this year’s annual Australia Day Pav off.  To say that my family love a competition is an understatement. Scrabble games are treated like grand…

    27 January, 2017
  • life tales

    setting good goals

    January is such a fantastic month to recalibrate and set your goals and intentions for the year. Unfortunately, however, good intentions can very quickly turn into forgotten whims as the year kicks into full…

    19 January, 2017
  • life tales

    be interested

    Often I am surprised and surprise others by the amount of information that I can learn about a person in a very short period of time. It’s not uncommon for me to find out…

    11 January, 2017
  • life tales

    old is the new new

    Everything old being new again is a definite trend that I noticed in Melbourne, and in my life right now.  As we were wandering around Melbourne, it was not uncommon for my sister and…

    8 January, 2017
  • travel tales

    melbourne adventures

    Happy New Year everyone! What a massive year 2016 was – filled with change, challenges, and taking chances. I feel as though last year was filled with unexpected adventures and lessons, which continued until…

    1 January, 2017
  • life tales

    adventure days

    When my sister and I were still living at home, we would go on random adventures every weekend. Whilst we usually had no set plan in mind, we often ended up in doing something…

    22 December, 2016
  • table tales

    rosemary and sea salt shortbread

    Well, I did it. I got through my Masters degree! Results pending, I am almost a fully qualified therapist. How’s that for daunting?  With no study hanging over my head, I feel a lightness…

    12 December, 2016