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28 December, 2015

I don’t really like New Years. In fact, I strongly dislike it. 

I think it’s the combination of the expectation to stay up until midnight and have fun paired with the pressure of becoming a whole new, better version of yourself in a single night. No thank you. 

Being the kind of person who tries to make the most out of every day and takes every moment as an opportunity to be the best version of me, I resent the idea that you need a specific day or time to make positive changes or have the best time of your life. If I want to go out for an early dinner or cook dinner at home, get into my pyjamas at 8pm, watch a movie with my family or play a board game before falling asleep at 10pm, please let me. Believe me, I will be a far more beautiful person the next day. 

That’s not to say that I don’t have New Years Resolutions. I do. In 2016 I want to get my masters degree, immerse myself in life in my new home at the Gold Coast, work on my bikini body (which may include actual effort at the gym – ugh), work on my blog to create more of a resource and improve my marketing of it, and travel somewhere new (which, in all honesty, is more of a life time commitment). But these resolutions have more to do with realistic longer term goals for the year in order to achieve long-term outcomes. I’m not a big fan of the social trend towards instant gratification. But I don’t use New Years to put so much pressure on myself that if I mess up, I’ve ruined the whole year. Eating clean all year? Being positive about every situation? Only speaking words of kindness. Of course I try to do these. But if, and when I do mess up, I still have the next moment to learn, to grow and to make positive changes. 

Take the expectations off a single time and start to use each new moment as a time to make life incredible and you will notice massive breakthroughs. It’s ok to not be ok right now. Because you have all of the future ahead of you to live a remarkable life. 

So go forth and conquer today, tomorrow, the rest off 2015, all of 2016, this decade, century and the rest of your life. 

xx Liz 

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