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13 July, 2015

We don’t do Winter well here. Not only is the weather usually pretty warm for most of the season, on those few days where we actually get hit by the chill, we all act as if we have never had a Winter before. We don’t know how to dress, how to insulate our houses or, to be honest, how to enjoy the cold. Sure, if you are one of the rare few who have a fireplace or a backyard big enough to actually have a bonfire, you get to enjoy the smell, sounds and warmth that I love about Winter (not to mention toasted marshmallows). As for the rest of us, we get to spend the few weeks of cold temperatures layering our light Queensland jackets and cardigans in an attempt to try to keep warm. We even excuse those committing the ultimate faux pas of wearing ugg boots in public for those few days, because we share a mutual understanding that these are probably the only warm pair of shoes that are owned.

 I must admit, that as much as I dislike being cold, I absolutely love Winter fashion. It doesn’t take much for me to bring out my amazing pair of knee high, tan leather riding boots (from Witner on sale) and layer on scarves and big jumpers. Like most Queenslanders, my Winter wardrobe is definitely more fashionable than functional so that I can get away with Winter styles for longer in warmer Winter weather. So when it is really cold I fall into the trap of numb hands and goosebumps covering the majority of my body. I don’t even think I have a single jacket that could handle Melbourne. 

When I was in Europe last time I had to borrow the jacket that I wore everyday from friends in Germany. I did not even pack warm pyjamas and was left to brave the cold Austrian night air in my Lorna Jane flash dance pants and 3/4 sleeve length t-shirt every time I needed to go to the bathroom during the night. When I do visit a colder climate next (even Stanthorpe in the new future – it was snowing there today) I will definitely have to get my act together and actually buy some decent warm clothes. 

On second thoughts, I should visit a colder climate soon. Because, an excuse to go shopping? I’m cool with that. 

xx TTT 



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