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8 June, 2015

Ever since I was little, Dad has loved taking the family for drives. No planned destination, no time limit. Just spending the afternoon enjoying the journey and being together. 

When I am feeling a little overwhelmed or even just on one of those rare free afternoon that we are all at home, Dad will randomly suggest to jump in the car and head off. There is no better way to destress and take my mind off everything than to just go for a drive to nowhere. I just quietly (seriously, I don’t even talk) love to look out the window and watch as the world goes by. 


Mt Glorious

Our drive started today through Samford to Mt Glorious, where we stopped for a few minutes to go to the lookout at the start of the walking track. Down the other side of the mountain we drove to the spectacular Somerset dam, which actually reminded me of the Lakes district in Salzburg, Austria, minus the snow capped Alps and “Sound of Music” soundtrack (although Mum wouldn’t have complained). From there we had sausage rolls at a popular little bakery in Kilcoy. Sausage rolls have always been Dad’s lunch of choice for the family on his little adventures, hours past lunch time, with two hungry little girls in the back trying to stay enthusiastic as he marvelled at rocks, mountain formations and took us through a history lesson of the area. Even though I hadn’t eaten a sausage roll in years, it felt only right to have one as part of our nostalgic little adventure. I even snapchatted a photo to my sister to make her feel a part of it. She snapchatted me a photo of her beautiful homemade healthy gourmet pizza for lunch. I pretended not to be jealous.

sausage rolls

We took the scenic route home up Mt Mee where once again we stopped briefly at an incredible outlook which I can’t wait to go back to to enjoy a picnic. 


If going for a wonderful drive in such an incredible area wasn’t enjoyable enough, just watching my parents together is very entertaining. For two such different, independent people, when spending time with them I am often struck by just how much they truly love and care for each other. Although from the outside looking in they seem like an unlikely pair at times; my mum is an extraverted introvert and my dad is an introverted extravert. They give each other a hard time, say some hilarious things to each other and often seem to live quite separate lives. However, you don’t actually have to spend long witnessing the way that they interact together on a day to day basis to understand the amazing balance that they have found in their relationship that explains how they have been married for almost 33 years. They are definitely two people who are travelling through their journey together in the way that we all should. 

mum and dad

 It’s a truly beautiful thought. 

xx TTT

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