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kmart addicts unite

27 November, 2015

Has anyone been to Kmart lately? Seriously, that place has upped its game. And I have jumped on the Kmart band wagon BIG time. 

It’s to the point now that I may be a little obsessed. 

How do I love Kmart? Let me count the ways. Take this for example. It was one of my best friend’s birthdays a few weeks ago. To find her a present, I went to Kikki K, T2, Adorne and Lush looking for something suitable. And you know what? I ended up at Kmart. Where I bought her a pile of amazing presents that she loved for the same price that it would have cost me to buy a single notebook from Kikki K. I mean, seriously? How can you scoff at that? 

Their homewares in particular are incredible. Think copper, wood, marble… Whilst Kmart sell the same core things everywhere, I’ve found that you often have to search through a couple of Kmart stores to find those little treasures that are sold out practically as soon as they hit the shelves elsewhere. 

Still not convinced? Just check out these incredible Kmart finds: 

Copper Candle Holder

Geometric Copper Candle Holder $7

Light Box

Light Box $19 

Test tube vase

Test Tube Vases $7 

Marble and wood hexagon board

Hexagon Wood and Marble Board $15

Ice Bucket Galvanised Ice Tub $19 

Copper basket

Copper Basket $12

Watermelon Mug

Watermelon Mug $3


2016 Diary $6 
Mint Phone Case

Mint Phone Case $7 

Love CushionLove Cushion $10

If you want more Kmart inspiration, check out the hashtag #kmartaddictsunite. You can also follow a few Kmart inspiration accounts on instagram including @the_kmart_forcast, @kmartau_inspire, @Kmart_bargains and of course @kmartaus itself to follow the latest releases. 

Naturally, I have been all over their Christmas collection since it was released. And it certainly did not disappoint. 

I feel it’s going to be a very Kmart Christmas. 

xx Liz 


(p.s. in case you were wondering – the 1.5kg dumbbells were $6 each, the pilates ring was $10, the inspirational gift cards with necklaces were $4 and the NOEL blocks were $8 – although I couldn’t find them online anymore.)


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