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internet shopping is contagious

26 March, 2015

My  sister is in big trouble. She has opened my eyes to the endless possibilities of the world of online shopping. BIG mistake. Huge. The only thing that was stopping me from shopping lately was being time poor. I have now discovered that with online shopping this is not a problem. I am also pretty particular about my style and often have a lot of trouble finding what I like. Two words: refine search. Instead of having to go through shops for hours to perhaps find something I like – I can spend 20 minutes searching through a few pages for what I want and there it is. Consequently, I am now well on my way to being both time AND money poor. 

In my defence, because I have been so busy lately, I don’t even have some of the basics. Like black skinny jeans ($58.80)…


 and this gorgeous leather clutch ($39.20).

Black clutch


See what I mean? 

I think I am currently in the denial stage about how much internet shopping I have done in such a short period of time, which is fast approaching acceptance as each package arrives. I love receiving mail and packages. My sister does too. Considering this, it’s actually a wonder we haven’t gotten into this whole internet shopping thing earlier. When she was studying at home during uni and the rare package would arrive she would literally love spending the whole day snap chatting me of photos of her with the package. She would be in a frenzy now if she didn’t live so far away. Reason #497,469 why I miss her so much.

I am beyond excited that she’s coming home for Easter for two whole weeks. And because I am such a good sister, I suppose I will just have to make a few extra online purchases so that she can snap chat torture me while she is at home and I am at work. 

What a shame.

xx Liz

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