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horsing around with açai bowls

April 6
Acai bowl

In a time before açai bowls featured on every second menu in Brisbane and hardly anyone knew how to actually pronounce açai (ah-sah-ee), my sister and I set out to try and find the best version in Brisbane. Although I am usually a savoury breakfast kind of gal, I have always been more than willing to make an exception for a decent version. Because it became our thing to do together, I now don’t even enjoy having açai bowls as much without her. However, her being back for the school holidays is the perfect excuse to continue the search (or just revisit our old favourites). 

Regardless of whether you think they are just a trendy health fad, these deliciously refreshing frozen bowls of goodness are one superfood bandwagon I happy to jump on board with. The ice cream-like bowls are usually made from blended frozen bananas, other fruit and açai berries (which claim to be full of healthy antioxidants, amino acids, and essential fatty acids) and are topped with muesli or granola. Whilst there are now a huge number of cafes offering their own variations (add peanut butter, coconut, cacao to start…), Canter and Colt not only creates our favourite açai bowls, but is now also our favourite café. 

Situated in the quiet country village of Samford on the outskirts of Brisbane, Canter and Colt is attached to the Four Seasons organic food store in the main street.  Simply put, it’s outdoors setting and understated, healthy and delicious menu are divine. Not only do they do an amazing açai bowl, but their smashed avo on sourdough, smoothies and salads are amazing. Considering the number of times I have been there, as much as I would like to say that I have tried most of their menu, I don’t often get past their açai bowls. The rest of the menu does look fantastic though. I guess I’ll just have to go back. 

I cant(er) wait.     

xx TTT  

Canter and Colt Canter and Colt Canter and Colt Canter and Colt Canter and Colt

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