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21 October, 2015

I must admit something. Hong Kong has never been particularly high on my must-visit list. And this is a must-visit list which practically has everywhere that does not have some sort of political or social unrest on it. 

Other than being a nice place to transfer flights, it had not even really crossed my mind to actually venture out into the city. Besides being a business hub, how is it different from visiting any other big city? 

I was wrong. Completely wrong. 

And it took me mere minutes in the city to realise this. 

Hong Kong

Somehow Hong Kong is the perfect fusion of elegant sophistication and intelligence, natural beauty and old-world charm. Revolutionary architectural structures that capture the balance between functionality and style push the boundaries of what has been achieved in the past and what the future looks like. Blurred lines between business and pleasure. In Hong Kong, luxury is not an indulgence, but a way of life. 

Hong Kong

Not only is the city itself rather incredible, but having the opportunity to stay at the Marco Polo Hotel with my aunty’s friend and her husband from Hong Kong has been in itself, quite  remarkable. Being situated between the harbour and what could best be described as the Rodeo Drive of Hong Kong (think Tiffany and Cartier right outside my window), it is not only the incredible location that makes this an incredible place to stay. In a city with a population over 7million, it’s easy to feel lost. A little insignificant compared to what is going on both on and below the surface. Yet somehow the hotel exudes a personal touch that makes you feel like you matter. That, in itself has been surprisingly beautiful. 

My aunty’s friend is the kind of person that just inspires you to live life to the fullest. Having just completed her PhD, she is both an inspirational business woman and one of the most authentic, caring people I have ever met. I read this yesterday on Instagram, by The black line by Lauren. It sums up when I aspire to be. The kind of woman she is. 

The Black Line By Lauren

The warmth that her and her wonderful husband have shown since the moment that we arrived, has just reiterated to me the importance of the little things – personalised hand written welcome notes, big colourful signs at the airport, taking out the time to share your infectious love of your favourite things and places. 

From luxurious restaurants set against the lights of Hong Kong at night to the natural wonder of the mountains covered in hiking tracks that watch over the city… I don’t even have time to think about Disney Land Hong Kong. 

Only 36 is not nearly enough time in this city.  

xx TTT 

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  • Reply Judy D 22 October, 2015 at 1:09 am

    You have captured our visit and our hosts with complete and insightful accuracy. Be inspired by these two beautiful people for ever!

  • Reply Sue tomsett 22 October, 2015 at 11:17 am

    Your post on Hong Kong , Lizzie, will inspire people to visit, not just as a stop over or business, but as a holiday destination in itself. Our hosts showed us a sample of the many sights and experiences that Hong Kong offers. 36 hrs is definitely not enough.

  • Reply Lauren 9 December, 2015 at 3:10 pm

    I just stumbled across your post and wanted to drop a line and say I’m truly honored to have put words to our aspiration!
    Much love and happy travels xx

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