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high tea at 23

3 May, 2015

As if having one of your best friends get married wasn’t enough to give me an overwhelming feeling of maturity, in some strange twist of fate, we all turn 23 this year. 

For me, there has always been something about the age 23. I don’t know why, but I have always thought of it as the age where you cross over into the world of actually becoming a young adult. As someone who has been ready for adulthood since I was a teenager, to actually get there is somewhat surreal. It will be a nice change not to be met by such surprise when telling people my age; “Wait, you’re ONLY 17!? I thought you were much older…” Let’s just say this happened (and continues to happen) frequently. Good thing I’m secure.

22 is a great age. You are old enough to be treated as an adult and play grown up on a day to day basis, all the while retaining the same carefree freedom of being able to sing Taylor Swift songs about yourself.IMG_6274IMG_6268

To celebrate the first of my beautiful friends turning 23, we held a high tea in her apartment (yet another sign we are getting old enough to take on the responsibility of our own homes). I cannot remember such a wonderful afternoon with the girls. We talked about our pasts, our futures, politics, medicine (with one and one future med student amongst us this is a reoccurring theme at events now),  fashion, relationships and just life in general. It was a good chance to dress up and just have fun. As part of playing grown ups, we all actually baked or brought along beautiful cheese and dip platters to go with our little party. There was a lot of food.


It also gave my friend a chance to show off her rather impressive tea collection, which included teas from T2 and Harney and Sons (Paris, Pomegranate Oolong, Jasmine Tea and English Breakfast… to name a few). I got to bring out my incredible 21st teapot from two of the girls, which is always fun.


Although I do talk about growing up as being scary, it is simultaneously a wonderful experience as my relationships deepen, I learn more about the world and myself and I am faced with incredible challenges and opportunities that give me the chance to grow and really make a positive difference in the world. 

This growing up thing might not be so bad after all. 

xx Liz

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