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1 August, 2015

I don’t mean to boast, but I am a computer genius. In fact, put me in a turtleneck and you practically have Steve Jobs 2.0. 

Late last night one of my friends messaged me to tell me that she couldn’t access my blog. I was simultaneously touched that my friend reads my blog and confused as to why it wasn’t working. Upon typing in the domain name (see, technology words), I discovered that I couldn’t get it to load it either. After an emotionally exhausting night of watching Episode II of Star Wars, fixing my blog went straight to the top of my too hard to deal with right now pile. 

This leads me to my second life update. I am in the long process of watching the Star Wars series. Why, you may ask? Because I am a little tired of people (*cough* men) giving me the disapproving “You haven’t watched Star Wars?” look every time I admit to this apparent cultural deprivation. It has taken me over two weeks to find the time to watch the first two episodes, and to be completely honest, the jury is still out on how I feel about the whole thing. I have been told to watch the last 3 before making any sweeping declarations. And then warned about the consequences of making any potentially negative sweeping declarations about Star Wars. Hello being single for life. 

When faced with any technological problem, I am always reminded of two very important things. First, a) if you can’t find how to fix it on Google, it’s not going to get fixed and b) I am not as incompetent about computers as my Dad thinks I am (seriously, when I told him that I was fixing my crashed blog, he asked me if I had typed in the correct domain name). For me, whenever I start to delve into the galaxy of web hosting forums, I feel as though I have to learn a whole other language. This time, through the power of prayer and Google, I discovered that one of my plugins was causing the problem and was easily fixed through renaming the file on my external hosting server. Told you I’m all over this. 

Look at me watching Star Wars and fixing my website through complicated web hosting channels. I’m almost ready for cosplay at Supernova. 

xx Liz



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