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15 March, 2015

Whilst spending time in the scorching hot sun, panning for what might be the next rare sapphire, it occurred to me what I had actually done. I had moved to Central Queensland.

I’m a girl of convenience, practicality and style. Living in Emerald has not only curved this style, but it has opened up the Pandora’s box of online shopping. Up until then, I had always been a little hesitant to buy online, as I couldn’t help but wonder if what I was buying was truly a treasure or just something that has been covered up by clever photography to hide those imperfections.

Alas (for my bank account), my fear of online shopping was truly washed away when I moved to Emerald, as the shop that most people frequent for little ‘gems’ is… Big W. Now, I like to mix up my wardrobe and keep it unique and different, and although I can buy a dress for under $10, I compromise not only my taste but the individuality of who I am.

Happy as Flynn is the first treasure I wish to share with you from my Pandora’s box. I came across this, after following a local artist in the Brisbane area. This has truly become one of my favourite sites to buy those one-of-a-kind statement pieces. Brittany not only provides impeccable customer service, her hand painted clutches are to die for. I first bought mine as a spur of the moment purchase, to add sparkle to my ‘country living’. Not only did she create the most outrageously amazing clutch for myself, but turned around and made one for my like minded sister. If you get an opportunity, check out her site. You will be truly amazed by the way she brings still art to life.

Keep your eyes posted as I fossick my way through the online shopping world, looking for hidden gems.


xx the little gem IMG_3456

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