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fabulous five fridays: pinterest projects

20 March, 2015

It is no secret that I love a good project. So when I discovered the incredibleness that is Pinterest just before my 21st birthday, I have to admit that I may have gone a little project crazy. A lolly bar, chalkboards made from vintage frames, bunting and up cycling jars were just a few of the many projects that had my sister and I up and visiting local flea markets at 6am every Saturday morning looking for bits and pieces to cut, glue and paint.   Although given that I was also in the thick of doing lab work for my thesis timing could have been better, I enjoyed every minute of it. Since then, my love affair with Pinterest has grown and inspired many of my kitchen (e.g. 2 ingredient Greek yoghurt pizza base), travel, fashion, styling and craft adventures. 

However, I have a confession to make. Like many Pinterest addicts I have an ever increasing board of “rainy day projects”, as I fondly call them, but not enough rainy days. 

Whilst there are many amazing things about writing a blog, one of the best is that it inspires you to share the things that you love and make the time to do them. So here a five projects that it is time for me to take down off my board and bring to life. 

1. DIY Polymer Clay Bead Necklace – Ask my sister how many times I have picked up polymer clay jewellery at markets and said that I want to make it and she would probably roll her eyes. It happens a lot. I absolutely love the classic simplicity of clay polymer beads. 

Clay beads

2. Chrysanthemum Mirror from Plastic Spoons – Ok, this one is a little out there, but I have looked at this project so many times and thought that it would look amazing in a bright orange. Plus, I have big pieces of cardboard left over from my Ikea adventure. Waste not, want not. 


3. Storybook paper roses – Although I have made these before with incredible success (just look at the picture) and a few burnt fingers (I probably should not be allowed to play with hot glue guns), with my beautiful friend’s wedding coming up, I want to make more of these amazing flowers to have as decorations.  

Storybook roses

4. Salt dough gift tags – I have heard so many amazing things about salt dough, but have never made it. I love beautifully wrapped presents and how unique these gift tags are. Plus, there are so many other things you can do with salt dough – baby foot prints, thumb print hearts, sculptures… but I’m probably getting ahead of myself. I’ll start with the gift tags.    

Salt dough tags

5. Cushions (with piping) – Given that I have been progressively restyling my room, I feel as though the next step is to get some cushions. Whilst I have been looking around, I have not found one that I have had to have that could justify my spending far too much money on one cushion (unfortunately I seem to have expensive taste). Not having piping around homemade cushions always put me off just finding material and sewing one myself. Until I read this post, I had no idea how simple DIY piping was. I have no excuses now. Howtomakepipingtutorial

I’m ready for a project storm.

Let it pour!

xx TTT


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