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fabulous five fridays: beautiful blogs

13 March, 2015

Don’t you just love a good alliteration? I have to admit that I cannot resist the urge to add in a good alliteration at the first available chance, which is probably no secret considering the name of my blog. However, at the risk of turning this entire blog into a daily alliteration cliché (Motivation Monday, Tasty Tuesday…), I have decided to limit my reoccurring weekly alliteration blog post to Fabulous Five Fridays (because I had to have at least one and although I have taken a lot of photos of flowers, Fabulous Flower Friday would not have been all that interesting after a while). Each week, I will feature 5 things that I love from a range of topics, from top travel tips to marvelous movies (see, I told you this alliteration thing could get out of hand).

This week, to celebrate those who have inspired me to start my own blog, I want to talk about five fabulous blogs that are definitely worth checking out. These are by no means the only blogs that I am inspired by, or regularly follow. However, they are a good start.   

  1. A Beautiful Mess – Elsie Larson and Emma Chapman are sisters whose blog focuses on creating happiness every day through a homemade lifestyle. Their blog is exactly what is says; a beautiful mess of recipes, home ideas, life, blogging and photography tips, craft projects and style inspiration. 
  2. I Heart Bargains – Clothes, shoes, accessories, gifts… this amazing blog brings together amazing fashions all under $100, with the majority under $50. Links are provided for each featured item, so you don’t need to go looking for it. A working mum and incredible talented bargain hunter – it is truly incredible to look through and see what Chelsea finds each week and writes about in a very real and entertaining way. 
  3. World of Wanderlust – This blog follows the amazing journey of Brooke, who at the age of 22 after graduating uni packed up and traveled the world by herself. As a lover of solo travel, I love reading her posts which are full of destination inspiration, reviews, travel and fashion tips, and stories about life. 
  4. Love and Lemons – An incredible  healthy, seasonal, whole foods cooking & lifestyle blog. I love the philosophy of food she lives by based on a quote by Michael Pollen; “Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.” A travel addict and true foodie, this is a girl after my own heart. 
  5. The Weekend Edition – For the best things to eat, places to go, shops, markets and events in Brisbane, this is the site to visit. I have found it to be one of the best ways to keep up with the pulse of this amazing city. There is something amazing to be said for the way that Brisbane has transformed over the past few years into a buzzing social hub that has cafes, restaurants and events to suit most tastes. I signed up to their email list and love receiving the emails each Thursday to feel inspired for the weekend (or even during the week – why waste 5 mornings of discovering new breakfasts?). 

Happy blog reading.

xx TTT

A Beautiful MessI heart bargainsWorld of wanderlustlove and lemonsWeekend Edition


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