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30 December, 2015

Today, I climbed Mt Coolum. 

Permission to be impressed. I certainly am. 

thumb_IMG_2050_1024Mt Coolum

My sister and I woke up at 4am, got ready, picked up some friends, drove to the Sunshine Coast, climbed to the top of the mountain, took the appropriate amount of selfies on said mountain, stammered down the mountain and went and got an Acai bowl for breakfast from Aktiv Bar in Maroochydore.  

Aktiv Bar Acai BowlAktiv Bar Acai Bowl

In the wise words of my sister; 

“Some people like to talk about climbing metaphorical mountains. I’m all about the real deal.”

~ Hannah, 2015 

Being in my early 20s,  I feel as though I spend most of my life climbing metaphorical mountains. Did you know that 80% of a person’s greatest achievements are achieved by the age of 35? This Ted Talk from Meg Jay, “Why 30 is not the new 20” really hits home. It’s a great watch for anyone who is in their 20s, is related to someone in their 20s or who knows someone in their 20s.


Climbing a mountain is not easy. It hurts. At times you want to give up. Other people seem to have no trouble overtaking you as they run up the mountain, whilst you struggle with your footing. The rocky path makes you feel as though you are going to inevitably slip and possibly drag those around you down as well. When you realise you are only half way up, you don’t know if you can (or really, have the willpower) to make it the entire way. 


But when you make it to the top? When you push through the self-doubt and the discomfort? That sense of achievement? That feeling that you are just that little bit fitter; the knowledge that it will be a little easier next time? Those gloating snap-chats and Instagram posts? It is completely worth it. 

Mt Coolum


I have already climbed a lot of mountains. But I have absolutely no doubt that I have many bigger and more challenging ahead of me. 


And although any kind of mountain worth climbing in my life is never going to be easy, I’m definitely going to keep climbing.

Because the view from the top is spectacular.  

Mt Coolum

Mt Coolum

xx Liz

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  • Reply Andrea 31 December, 2015 at 4:06 pm

    None of my greatest achievements happened before I reached 35! Life keeps on getting better!

    • Reply Travelling Table Tales 31 December, 2015 at 8:51 pm

      That makes me so happy to hear that! There seems to be so much pressure to have it all together by the time you are 35… but in reality we have an entire incredible life to live. Our 20s may be a very influential time. But there is so much more ahead. xx

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