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11 May, 2015

Having a long commute into work is not a lot of fun. In fact, it’s a downright pain. However with only a few days of my current long commute left before I begin my next adventure, I feel a strange sense of loss about the activities that I have been able to do. So here is a list of my favourite driving activities that I will actually miss. 

1. Calling family and friends on hands free. I have become a much better communicator since commuting. I call my grandmother, aunty and sister far more, as well as actually calling friends instead of texting. 

2. Listening to music. You have no idea how many CDs I have been able to get through. 

3. Listening to the radio. Especially Triple J Hack at 5.30pm and the 6pm news on my drive home. 

4. Podcasts. They are phenomenal. Science, nature, history, comedy, crime… the list is endless. 

5. Being able to work those leg muscles in my manual car in peak hour traffic. Sounds ridiculous, but it saves on having to do lunges too often. 


Maybe commuting is not so bad after all. 

xx TTT 



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