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2 July, 2015

I know I have been slack lately. Slack in the sense that I haven’t written a post in a while. 

I did start to redesign the blog, however there will be more changes to come.

To be honest, it’s been a bit tricky writing about life when I am using every spare moment to live it. Amongst family, social, general life and work commitments on top of having my beautiful sister home from Emerald, I feel as though I am running on adrenaline at the moment. Not to say it has been hard. I have seen “Dirty Dancing” and “Miss Saigon” live on stage, spent a night at the Gold Coast, enjoyed bonfires and giant s’mores, had a fair few fabulous meals out (good breakfasts, of course), a couple of girls nights, Cosco trips and had some quality time with the sister shopping at the magical H&M. 

I try not to wear busy-ness as a badge of honour. Honestly. However, unfortunately I feel like I am waving the “look how busy I am” flag in order to make up for the commitments that I am neglecting like decluttering my room and cleaning my shower. I also haven’t had dinner at home in so long that all I am craving at the moment is a big bowl of roasted veggies. It also means that I have not had the chance for much cooking therapy myself, which is never  good thing. 

Although it’s all a little full on, I must say that I am loving every moment of my crazy life. And looking at my diary for the next few months (seriously, months), it’s just going to get every more insanely amazing. Think girls weekends away, family time, baptisms, volunteer projects, cooking time and of course, Vietnam.

Ok, so I might be waving the flag proudly. 

xx TTT 

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