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bacon and chocolate eggs

4 April, 2015

The only thing that is better than a good breakfast is sharing it with family and friends. Hosting a breakfast has become the party of choice in our family. We have done birthday breakfasts, farewell breakfasts, Christmas breakfasts… In fact, if you can’t celebrate it with a breakfast, it’s probably not worth celebrating. Over time we have developed a finely tuned breakfast party formula. Fruit, mum’s home-made chocolate croissants, wholemeal and chia seed banana bread, as well as bacon, eggs and grilled tomato with toast and condiments are standard. Cinnamon scrolls, pancakes and hot cross buns are rotated. Juice, coffee and teas of all varieties are in endless supply. In addition, this Easter I very excitedly added a yoghurt bar to the offerings. Think Cosco Greek yoghurt with the toppings – honey, cinnamon, muesli, shredded coconut, fruit, chocolate…What? It’s Easter.

We never even know, nor do we even care how many people will turn up, so we always just provide enough food to feed a small army, just in case. Usually there are a lot of people though. We don’t exactly do small gatherings in our family.

The more the merrier.

xx TTTIMG_4405 IMG_4426 cinnamon scrolls IMG_4407 Croissants

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