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at the markets: carseldine artisan and farmers

7 March, 2015

Exploring markets is one of my favourite things to do. Whether it be the local flea market, design, craft, artisan or farmers market, I absolutely love getting up early on the weekend and going to discover what’s on offer. So many times I have been inspired by the incredible creations that are on display, the eclectic and unique fashions and the beautiful produce. Although I have come home with some amazing things at times (artwork, vintage frames, plants, chalkboard paint… and so it continues), I often just walk away with a mind bustling with ideas for different DIY projects and fresh local produce. At the very least, my usual purchases are a loaf of artisan sourdough (always some variation of spelt or rye), a pineapple, a pumpkin, fresh herbs (whatever I feel like to inspire the week’s meals – today was mint and rosemary) and the Weekend Australia. Although my sister shares my passion and is therefore my market partner, during term time when she is away teaching in Emerald, the local markets, with their amazing range of food choices on offer, have become a great meeting place for breakfasts and catch ups with friends.

This morning I visited the beautiful Carseldine Farmers and Artisan Markets that are open every Saturday morning from 6am-12pm. Like always the whole place was alive with colours, aromas and people of all ages. The market is broken into three sections – an area with a whole host of different food stalls featuring cuisines from all over the world (from crepes to bagels and everything in between), an area filled with fashion, crafts, gifts and jewelry and an area filled with the most incredible range of fresh produce from passionate chefs, bakers, florists, producers, butchers, baristas, juicers and fishmongers. As I walked around eating my delicious avocado, tomato, red onion and smoked salmon rye and sunflower bagel, I picked up, in addition to my usual purchases, some ridiculously cheap, but oh so divine, lemons, a spelt hot cross bun (who can believe Easter is almost here?!), a bargain pair of silk/ cotton pants, avocados, pears and beetroot. 

Why would you ever want to sleep in on weekends?

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