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29 February, 2016

So, it seems as though I am all about raw vegan desserts right now. I mean, can you blame me? Healthy indulges? Yes please.  With so many healthy dessert recipes substituting in coconut, it seems only logical to make a version of the original coconut treat itself.  This is by far one of the simplest recipes that I have made so far. It takes minutes to make, and you will be so surprised at how much it actually tastes like…

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6 April, 2015

breakfast corn fritters (v, nf, rsf) granola (v option, rsf) mustardy mushrooms on toast (v, nf, rsf) pear and cinnamon oatmeal (v, nf option, rsf) banana berry smoothie bowl  (v, gf option, r, rsf) overnight oats peanut butter smoothie bowl (v, r, ref)  overnight oat waffles (v, nf, rsf) toast topping inspiration (v option, rsf) zucchini waffles (veg, nf, rsf) main  2 ingredient Greek yoghurt pizza base pizza (veg, nf, gf option) chinese style slow cooked beef cheeks (c, rsf) grain free flax bread rolls (veg, gf, nf, ref) kimchi bowl (v, nf,…

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