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5000 photos

7 April, 2015

I have taken over 5000 photos on my camera. That is 5000 moments that I have captured. If a photo says a thousand words that is 5,000,000 words I have said. I feel as though I haven’t even used my camera that much. That I have barely even begun to capture everything that I want to. But there it is. 5000 pictures.

Sure, a lot have been out of focus. People out of frame. Angles not quite right. But each time I pull out my camera I feel as though I capture things a little better. Each tutorial I read I feel as though I understand how to bring life to a photo a little more. Taking photos is an amazing way to create. To share. To explore. To see the beauty in everyday things. Raindrops on leaves. Light through trees. Secret moments between loved ones.  As my technical knowledge grows and I continue to practice, I look forward to seeing the results; to finding the perfect shot in amongst the thousands. 

5000 photos….

IMG_2870 OliviaBonfireI can’t wait to take an infinite number more.  

xx TTT 


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