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5 people you need in your life

April 15
Family at Sandgate

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Surrounding yourself with a strong group of people is one of the most important things that you can do. I tend to think that friendships can be like investments. This, “investment model of friendship” (which is honestly not as clinical as it sounds) goes as follows; 

Investing in people takes time, energy and personal resources. Some investments are not going to pay off. But, if you invest wisely, it’s one of the most worthwhile investments that you can ever make. The dividends from these investments are limitless. 

Authenticity, loyalty and unconditional love are three key characteristics of any close relationship in my life. My friendship circle may be incredibly diverse, but the amazing people that I keep close to me have these things in common. 

Greta at the beach

Having a diverse group of friends stretches, inspires and broadens your mind and your world. From my experience, I have found it rings true that having a well-rounded group makes you a more well-rounded individual.


5 types of people you need in your life. 

  1. The organiser. The one who makes plans. Makes the reservations. Organises the group. Just seems to have it all together.
  2. The outlier. The one who is unashamedly themselves and completely committed to being themselves. They have crazy ideas. They’re a social chameleon. And they are usually a whole lot of fun to be around. 
  3. The truthful one. The practical one who says it exactly like it is… whether you like it or not. 
  4. The witty one. The one who unexpectedly says that thing that completely throws you and often has you in stitches.   
  5. The inspiration. The one that encourages you. Who excites you and makes you feel as though anything is possible. These are the mentors. The ones with the incredible plans and endless passion.  

Dani at the beach

Of course not everyone falls neatly into one category. My incredible sister is pretty much all five. And this list is by no means exhaustive. But have a look around you and try to find people who create a well rounded circle of friends who sharpen you, strengthen you and most importantly love you. 

xx Liz 

Hannah at the beach

inspiration - 5 people you need in your life


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  • Reply Claire at My Pink & Green Life April 15 at 11:17 am

    It’s definitely important to have a well-rounded group of friends, especially one who tells it exactly like it is without any sugar-coating! Your sister sounds like an amazing person–my sister has most of these traits, but definitely not the first one; I think she would even describe herself as disorganized, hehe 😛

  • Reply Kristy at Southern In Law April 15 at 6:46 pm

    Loveee this! All these traits really are so important to surround yourself with!

    • Reply Travelling Table Tales April 18 at 11:20 am

      Thank you so much! Being very intentional in who we spend our time with is undervalued, yet it is so important. xx

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