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2-ingredient pancakes

February 9
2-ingredient pancakes

It’s Shrove Tuesday a.k.a Pancake day!

With Easter now well on its way, those hot cross buns that have been in the shops since Boxing Day are starting to get a bit more legitimacy. 

Traditionally, Shrove Tuesday was the last day of indulgence before moving into the 40-day Lenten fasting period prior to Easter Saturday (which starts on Ash Wednesday tomorrow). Making pancakes was a way to use up fats, eggs and milky foods that were not consumed during this period. 

I have seen the recipe for 2-ingedient pancakes floating around for a while now, but have never made them. All you need is one egg and one banana blended together to make the batter, and then they are cooked like you would normal pancakes. Although I had seen so many success stories, I have to admit I was still a little amazed at how well they worked. Admittedly, I cheated and added 1/2 tsp of baking power to make them a bit fluffier. But they would have tasted just as good if I hadn’t. They didn’t even taste eggy, which was the biggest surprise. 

2-ingredient pancakes 2-ingredient pancakes

This is definitely an easy breakfast that I will make again. Add a few toppings and you are done. You could even add peanut butter, cinnamon or blueberries to the batter if you were wanting to mix things up. 

2-ingredient pancakes

Although nowadays, fasting during Lent tends to be used less as a time of reflection and more as a time to start a diet on religious grounds, I for one am so happy the tradition of making pancakes on Shrove Tuesday lives on. 

xx Liz 

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  • Reply Judy D February 9 at 6:52 pm

    Check out that fig!

  • Reply Lisa February 11 at 5:55 pm

    I had heard about the banana/egg pancake trick, but I’ve never tried it! Now you’ve inspired me to Liz. Considering that bananas and eggs are two of the ingredients I more or less always have on hand, these will definitely be happening at my place! I have two eggs left, and am stocking up on bananas tonight, so I’m thinking maybe tomorrow morning (if I get up and have enough time before work, that is…but if not, Saturday!). I also love the way you’ve served these up. Fresh figs are one of my favourite types of fruit. I ran out last night when I had the last two as a pre-bedtime snack, but I will be changing that when I stock up this Saturday at the markets! ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Reply Travelling Table Tales February 12 at 7:32 am

      I hope that it went well for you if you managed to have time to make them! I pretty much always have those two ingredients as well.
      Figs are amazing. We managed to get 1/2kg for $5 the other day, which was fantastic! I have been eating them with goats cheese lately. So amazing. Thank you so much for your beautiful, thoughtful comments on my posts. I really do appreciate it. xx Liz

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