• honey oat banana muffins
    table tales

    going bananas

      Which has meant that I may have gone a little banana-baking crazy over the last week. As if uni wasn’t making me feel a little unhinged already, adding a seemingly endless source of…

    23 October, 2016
  • Assignment writing
    life tales

    those assignment writing feels

    I finished the first full draft of my last individual course work assignment today. Of course, I still have a professional portfolio, group assignment presentation, practicum placement and, of course, a thesis to complete. But…

    7 October, 2016
  • salted caramel banana popcorn cake
    table tales

    salted caramel and banana popcorn cake

    It’s my sister’s birthday today!! And I could not be more excited.  I absolutely love birthdays – or any chance to celebrate with family and friends really. But if I am going to be…

    25 September, 2016
  • Hannah and Olivia
    life tales

    why my sister is my best friend

    The bathroom floor is constantly wet. Makeup keeps disappearing and appearing in my makeup bag. I am not sure that I am going to be able to keep my new top for much longer…

    18 September, 2016
  • Round three
    life tales

    round three

    I don’t know how it happens, but it seems as though the first week of a new Semester is the week that I am most likely to have a mild emotional breakdown from the…

    11 September, 2016
  • Little acts of kindness
    life tales

    little acts of kindness

      I recently held the door open for 2 minutes while waiting for an elderly lady to get out of her car and walk to do the door, with her walking stick in one hand…

    6 September, 2016