• piΓ±ata cake
    table tales

    piΓ±ata cake

    Having a strong cake game is a really big thing now.  Making a birthday cake is no longer a birthday formality, but rather a spectacular showcase of creative, loving genius.  Think a simple tea cake will suffice?…

    July 23
  • Simplify
    life tales


    “The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak” ~ Hans Hofmann I have made the executive decision that I have too much stuff.  Recently, I feel as though I…

    July 21
  • savoury chickpea pancakes
    table tales

    savoury chickpea pancakes

    A few months ago, I was introduced to savoury chickpea pancakes or “socca” at a cafe at Byron Bay. Since then, I have seen them on quite a few menus. Made from chickpea (also…

    July 17
  • the importance of mattering
    life tales

    the importance of mattering

    In the midst of writing my thesis, I have found out some pretty interesting things that I have long believed, but finally have research to back. One of these things is that it matters to…

    July 12
  • dark chocolate and walnut cookies
    table tales

    dark chocolate and walnut cookies

    I love playing hostess. Especially when I have enough time to organise myself and actually make something for my guests. There really is something special about a fresh batch of cookies, scones or really any…

    July 8
  • green goodness bowl
    table tales

    green goodness bowl

    The best thing about what seems like endless days at home writing assignments and a thesis? Getting to make a proper, cooked lunch everyday.  However, in spite of the temptation to spend hours in the kitchen…

    July 5
  • Down to Earth Peanut Butter Acai Bowl
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    the sweetest challenge

    So, I’ve finished my 30 day sugar free challenge. If you missed what I was doing, you can catch up here.  I honestly can’t believe how quickly it went. Even though I rarely eat…

    June 29
  • Laptop
    life tales


    I’m in the midst of writing the first part of my thesis at the moment.  Which has pretty much equated to almost complete withdrawal from the world, endless hours scrolling through journal databases and…

    June 24